Custom Set of Beer Glasses, Large Pewter Cross Designed by Johnny LTD, Set of Beer Glasses, Groomsan, Spiritual, Cross, Wax Seal, BW-006-00


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Johnny LTD is excited to released these custom beer glasses. Each glass is features a cross that was designed and created by Johnny LTD. We have a love of antique seals and while we own many originals, there are none large enough for this project.

The cross was electronically designed by Johnny and then hand stamped and molded by his talented wife Hannah. This provides a more unique and special gift for your favorite beer drinker.

The seal and glass are made in the USA! T

he glass capacity is 16 ounces, width is 3.5" at the opening and 5.875" tall. The practical shape with thick and balanced glass construction results in a durable glass that ideal for any home bar, pub, or or club where a touch of class is desired.

Material: Glass, Pewter Dimensions: 3.5 x 3.5 x 5.875in Capacity: 16 ounces Quantity: Sold in pairs Care and Cleaning: Suggest Hand Washing

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